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You are uniquely suited to make a lasting difference in our community.

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There are 168 hours in a week that we spend on various activities, desires and passions. Many moments and seasons of triumph and setbacks. How much time is engaging in what God is calling us to do individually and together?

We know that GOD wants no one to be void of a relationship with him but for all to experience this life-giving relationship. We know that we will see people cared for by this community of believers, we will see people come to know Jesus in this community, we will see the sick healed and those oppressed by sin and demons freed from their bondage and empowered to serve others out of love for their neighbour, because this is the kind of Jesus we serve.

Will you take the leap? He is calling us to use the time, season, and giftings we have been given to grow his kingdom. Imagine what God can do through you when you make yourself available to God-orchestrated opportunities.

There is no better time than the present to get involved and see what God will do in you and through you.

At Hope for Today we believe that all who follow Jesus are essential contributors, movers, and shakers in the Kingdom of God. "...THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN HAS BEEN SUFFERING VIOLENCE, AND THE VIOLENT HAVE BEEN SEIZING IT BY FORCE." - MATTHEW 11:12.

The Bible teaches us that it is the eager and zealous who grasp the Kingdom of Heaven. Righteousness, joy, peace are the spoils of such humble yet zealous pursuit. The body of Christ, which is diverse has many members who are uniquely gifted and suited to advance the cause of God and to have a profound positive impact in the community and in the life of the church.

We desire to see all lives transformed by the power and presence of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God. There are always opportunities for you to volunteer. Maybe today is the day?

We look forward to grabbing a coffee with you and hearing your story and serving alongside you. To begin simply click the 'Get Started' button below.